Total War: Warhammer 2's 'Mortal Empires' Combines Both Games Into a Single Huge Campaign

Written by Neil Soutter on Fri, Sep 22, 2017 11:46 AM
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Creative Assembly undeniably has grand plans for the Total War: Warhammer series, and nowhere is this grander than the eventual plan to merge all three games into one super-title encompassing multiple vast continents. The first stage of this plan comes into play with the launch of Total War: Warhammer 2 on September 28th. Those who own both the sequel and the original game will gain access to the ‘Mortal Empires’ campaign, featuring both territories from the base games combined, and featuring 15 different playable factions.

In a nutshell, each game in the Total War: Warhammer trilogy will contain its own discrete campaign to play through. Total Warhammer 1 featured The Old World, while Total War: Warhammer 2 grants players Eye of the Vortex. These contain unique continents and several playable factions each. Globule them both together and you get Mortal Empires, an epic-scale scenario from Lustria and the Southlands to Naggaroth and Ulthuan. There’s no objective gimmick either, this is just straight up conquest taking place across both continents. For those after the grandest-scale Total Warhammer experience, this should probably be your port of call.

In total for Mortal Empires, we’re looking at 35 Legendary Lords across 25 different starting positions, 15 different playable factions (plus 112 NPC factions) and 295 settlements to conquer. It’s strategy more on the scale of what we expect from a historical Total War title.

The downside is that this plan may eventually force an increase in the system requirements for Total War: Warhammer. As the play area gets larger and more factions are introduced, this can take a toll on CPUs, particularly in terms of the end turn times. CA has said it will be keeping an eye on the ‘general hardware impact’ and making adjustments as necessary.

“We're being ambitious with Mortal Empires, but we're keen to hear feedback, and we'll certainly make tweaks and updates to it over time” writes CA. “As you've probably guessed, given the countless updates we made to Warhammer I, we will always look to improve on what we've done, and there's no substitute for getting it out in the wild and played by hundreds of thousands of people. Over time, for example, we're aiming to create unique starting positions for more of the Old World Legendary Lords who currently share the same spot. Like pretty much every part of the series so far, Mortal Empires will evolve.”

Total War: Warhammer Trilogy Campaigns

The Old World

Included in Warhammer I

Eye of the Vortex

Included in Warhammer II

Mortal Empires

Free Campaign for Owners of Parts 1 & 2

Warhammer III's Main Campaign

Included in Warhammer III

A Very Big Campaign*

Free Campaign for Owners of Parts 1, 2 & 3

Mortal Empires will be available to play from shortly after Total War: Warhammer 2’s September 28th launch. Anyone tempted to pick up both games to give this epic-scale strategy a try?

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16:00 Sep-22-2017

Excited for tww2 and the super campaign. Already own tww1 and i thoroughly enjoy it.

05:51 Sep-25-2017



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