Fortnite’s recent PUBG-aping shenanigans appear to have paid off. Just over a week after Epic Games dropped the Battle Royale mode for Fortnite and surpassed one million players, they’ve now announced Fortnite has been played by more than seven million gamers across all platforms (PC, PS4 and Xbox One).

That’s a heck of a ramp up, gaining a million new players every day. It helps it’s free of course, but there’s still at least half a million that have laid down the cash for the proper PvE version of Fortnite. Not bad going at all.

To go with the announcement, Epic has also released a new update for both Battle Royale and standard Fortnite, adding the new PvE Horde Bash mode in the process.

For Battle Royale players, Duo has been added so you can hunt in pairs. Supply Drops are also back now the landings are fixed. They’ll contain rare weapons and items at the risk of exposing yourself. Changes are also coming into play regarding weapon accuracy and damage drop-off, including making shots fired after the initial shot less accurate, as well as switching the entire game from hitscan to projectile-based weaponry. That last point sounds like a major change to make so don’t expect to see that implemented anytime soon.

For those who own Fortnite proper, the Horde Bash mode is now available. Up to four players have unlimited time yet finite resources to build a portable horde fort. Then you’ve just got to fend off the Horde invasion, earning more resources and unlocks.

Immense success seems to be coming Epic’s way with Fortnite then when it looked last year as if its survival game may be dead in the water. Not that any of this seems to have any effect on PUBG. It’s still consistently breaking records, recently peaking at 1.65m concurrent players. Over the last 30 days, they’ve collectively ploughed more than half a billion hours into Battlegrounds. I would offer some pithy remark about what could be achieved by the collective during that time but screw it, everyone’s having fun, and there’s not much better use of time than that.