After the meteoric success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and now Fortnite, Battle Royale game modes are the new hotness. It fundamentally works because of the typically large player count, the simple ruleset, and the exciting, diametrically opposed dopamine fixes that can with risk/reward, stay/move. Well, that and we all secretly love Hunger Games.

After PUBG it was obvious it wouldn’t take long until someone else came along and tried to copy the formula. We weren’t quite prepared for just how quickly Epic could crank out a battle royale mode for Fortnite though, and they’ve been duly rewarded for a game they unashamedly call an homage. Not that PUBG invented the concept of Battle Royale either of course. It’s been kicking about in some form for years, really starting with Minecraft before gaining ground in Arma 2 mod DayZ.

Naturally enough, Fortnite won’t be the last to attempt the formula. You can bet your bottom dollar every AAA publisher around the globe has sat up and taken notice of PUBG’s success. They’ve probably got devs hidden away in basements, cooking up all sorts of Battle Royale experiments, trying to stumble on a version of the formula that could work for their franchise. Which begs the question - which games are going to be converted into Battle Royale? Or, will the big boys opt to create all-new IPs to address this audience.

Just for a little bit of fun, we thought it would be neat to throw around a few ideas for big franchises that could be the perfect fit for Battle Royale, as well as the unique features they could bring to the table to differentiate themselves.

I’m going to kick things off and say Rainbow Six: Siege, even though I know it’s probably damn near impossible for Ubisoft to attempt anything approaching 100 players with its current incarnation of the Siege game engine. Who knows though, Anvil Next is used for Assassin’s Creed so a high player count isn’t totally out of the question. Just the idea of Siege’s gunplay mixed with its environmental destruction has me reaching for my wallet though, and we know already that squad-based play could also work impeccably alongside solo running and gunning.

For Ubisoft though, I think the more likely prospect is Ghost Recon Wildlands being retooled for Battle Royale. The groundwork already feels like it’s being laid with the Ghost War PvP mode, and Ubi has said it’s looking at implementing new modes shortly after launch. Whether 100 players is feasible is another question, but Ubisoft could opt for a lower player count if they needed to.

So which game franchises do you think would be perfect for a Battle Royale game mode? Which AAA publisher will manage a knockout hit first? Let us know your thoughts!