Nintendo has ramped up production of its Switch consoles to two million units a month, according to DigiTimes. The supply constrained console surprised even Nintendo with its sky-high demand, Nintendo now setting a target of 20 million Nintendo Switch consoles shipped during 2017. Not bad a for a 9-month-old console - the Wii U sold through 13 million units during its entire four-year lifespan.

The current supplies of Nintendo Switch consoles is limited due to a combination of higher than expected demand and limited supplies of DRAM memory which has affected the entire tech industry. Nintendo’s urged its manufacturing partners to go full steam ahead though and ensure there’s enough Switch consoles out there for the holiday season.

Digitimes also reports that a deal has been penned to launch the Nintendo Switch into China in early 2018, and it’s expected these already high production targets could be increased next year. Nintendo has partnered with Tencent to add its local China-based games to the platform, opening the door to a huge new market.

Actual sales figures for the Nintendo Switch are hard to come by. The last official number we received from Nintendo was 4.7 million Switches sold by the end of June 2017 - its first three months on sale. With a consistently strong lineup throughout the year, particularly the holidays, it’s not difficult to envisage the Switch doing serious numbers by the year’s end, driven by Super Mario Odyssey. Anecdotally, Nintendo Switch stocks have been limited here in the UK, although you can still find them in stock occasionally.

It sets up a bit of a fascinating battle between the Xbox One X and the Nintendo Switch this holiday. Nintendo is barrelling along at a record rate and could well eclipse Xbox One sales shortly, while Microsoft has taken the opposite tack and favoured raw performance over unique software. It would be a surprise if the Xbox One X sold anywhere near the numbers of the Switch this holiday as it just doesn't have the exclusive software lineup that typically drives sales.

Many GD'ers picked up a Nintendo Switch yet? Is it too early to suggest Nintendo is back to its glory days? Let us know!