We had a little play of Star Wars Battlefront 2 during the previous closed alpha, but now the public beta is out and we're nearer its release, we thought we'd see how DICE's shooter is shaping up. This time around we’re giving it a sterner test - the Radeon RX 370 2GB, benchmarked in its 40-player Galactic Assault mode.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Graphics Settings

  • Brightness - 0 to 100
  • Fullscreen Monitor
  • Fullscreen Mode
  • Fullscreen Resolution
  • Enable DirectX 12 On / Off
  • Enable Dynamic Resolution - On / Off
  • Fullscreen Refresh Rate
  • Vertical Sync (Vsync) - On / Off
  • Motion Blur Amount  - 0 to 100
  • Resolution Scale - 0 to 100
  • Graphics Quality - Low / Medium / High / Ultra / Custom
  • Texture Quality - Low / Medium / High / Ultra
  • Terrain Groundcover - Low / Medium / High / Ultra
  • Lighting Quality - Low / Medium / High / Ultra
  • Shadow Quality - Low / Medium / High / Ultra
  • Effects Quality - Low / Medium / High / Ultra
  • Post Process Quality - Low / Medium / High / Ultra
  • Mesh Quality - Low / Medium / High / Ultra
  • Terrain Quality - Low / Medium / High / Ultra
  • Terrain Groundcover - Low / Medium / High / Ultra
  • Anti-Aliasing - Off / FXAA Low / FXAA High / TAA
  • Ambient Occlusion - Off / Low / Medium / High / Ultra

The graphics settings for Star Wars Battlefront 2 remain pretty much identical to what they were for the original Battlefield. They’re also extremely similar to Battlefield 1. The only real change of note is that addition of TAA (Temporal Antialiasing) to the antialiasing section.

Star Wars Battlefront II benchmarks and frames per second analysis performed on Radeon R7 370 2GB | Intel i7-5820K | 16GB DDR4

For our Star Wars Battlefront 2 benchmarks we played the 40-player Galactic Assault mode on Theed, taking the average frame rate during the course of two lives. There's obviously a margin for error here, but the results fell precisely in line with what we were expecting. For these benchmarks we used an AMD Radeon R7 370 equipped with 2GB video memory. It’s backed up by 16GB DDR4 memory and an Intel Core i7-5820K CPU.

Star Wars Battlefront II Radeon R7 370 720p, 1080p, 1440p Benchmarks

(Click to expand) 

Graphics Preset 720p 1080p 1440p
Low 132 81 59
Medium 109 61 54
High 91 41 48
Ultra 76 40 37

Absolutely sublime is about all I can muster in regards to Star Wars Battlefront 2's performance. DICE prove it time and time again, and the results are here once again. Battlefront 2 looks fantastic, plays fantastic, and feels fantastic, even on a humble 2GB Radeon R7 370 with 40 players tearing it around in spaceships, AT-STs, or flinging plasma grenades. It’s quite amazing, and it’s topped off by a very even frame rate that makes it eminently playable even at 1440p. 60 frames per second should obviously be your target but honest, even at 37 fps at 1440p / Ultra, it didn’t feel as if the lower frame rate was having an impact, either on my enjoyment or my performance.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 just runs extremely well on PC, and that’s just about all there is to it. Whether the actual game can live up to DICE’s Frostbite magic we’ll have to wait and see, but for now, consider us extremely impressed.

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