Frontier has revealed a new in-game trailer for its marriage made in heaven - Jurassic World Evolution. Building on the immense customisation toolset Frontier has mastered with Planet Coaster, Jurassic World Evolution provides players with the opportunity to reign over their own Jurassic Park, Richard Attenborough-style. Life will always find a way though, so you’d best be prepared for a few mishaps. All the planning in the world can’t account for a clumsy Dennis Nedry.

Jurassic World Evolution’s parks will be built on three tenets - Entertainment, Security and Science. Players will get mission contracts to suit all three play styles, and you can either balance your parks between these or go all-in on one and master a singular play style. Entertainment is your classic Jurassic Park, one in which the aim is purely to amaze guests with exhibits and rides. Security, paradoxically, is about trying to engineer the most lethal dinosaurs possible, and then attempting to contain them within their paddocks. Lastly, Science is more about the dinosaur ecosystem. Sort of like Isla Nublar in Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World. Here it’s all about discovering how the dinosaurs interact and behave.

Whichever you choose, a few spanners will always be thrown into the works of Jurassic World Evolution. Dinosaurs can of course breakout and cause carnage in your park, or they can sick, or a tropical storm may roll in and cut the power. There’s certainly ample room there for a mighty interesting campaign.

Considering the ridiculously stellar work achieved by Frontier for Planet Coaster, our expectations are very high for Jurassic World Evolution. They’ve proven themselves dab hands at park design systems, and layering on top ecosystems should add yet further depth. I’d also hazard a guess the lessons being learned with Jurassic World Evolution are surely going to lend themselves to a zoo-themed expansion pack for Planet Coaster.

Jurassic World Evolution is due out on PC in summer 2018.