Elite Dangerous 2018 'Beyond' Content Roadmap Revealed - Includes Clan System

Written by Neil Soutter on Mon, Oct 9, 2017 2:47 PM
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Frontier hosted its Frontier Expo 2017 over the weekend, and the headline was inevitable their sprawling space epic - Elite Dangerous. It’s the Star Citizen for those who prefer their games finished, and Frontier has laid out some impressive plans for Elite Dangerous going into 2018 and beyond.

Literally ‘Beyond’ - that’s the name of a content rollout for Elite Dangerous: Horizons that includes a new narrative, ships, missions, scenarios, gameplay stations, and, of course, the malevolent Thargoid’s alien invasion.

Throughout Elite Dangerous 2.4 and Beyond, the Thargoid will be assaulting stations with new spacecraft, and Frontier is implementing an evolving story that will shift depending on player actions. Frontier isn’t being too forthcoming about how this is all going to play out, possibly because they aren’t even sure yet themselves, but they did provide a little teaser trailer.

Before then though, the first major update for Elite Dangerous 2.4 will focus on engineering, crime and punishment, trade and new Wing missions. All ship upgrades will be meaningfully different, providing an improvement on the current systems. system authorities are granted more power to respond to any criminal actions, and the Wing missions will provide a greater opportunity for co-op play with friends.

The second major update concerns Squadrons, Elite Dangerous’ version of a clan system. Players will be able to organise a Squadron with a full hieracy, making collective purchases including a Fleet Carrier which acts a mobile base of operations. Mining tools are also getting an upgrade, while those who loving exploring will find a new Codex, complete with a log of in-game achievements and game lore to discover.

Quite a stacked lineup for Elite Dangerous: Horizons then, and all of this should be rolling out over the next year or so free of charge.

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Looking good, tho I'm not going to be able to play it with my current laptop. XD


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