Titanfall 2 developer Respawn Entertainment has announced it’s got a major VR game in the works “that's going to have an impact on the industry.” Could this be the AAA title virtual reality needs to give it a kick up the rear?

The game in question isn’t anything Titanfall or Star Wars related, so it sounds as if it’s going to be an all-new IP. Respawn has entered into a relationship with Oculus for the game, with the Rift the only confirmed (officially supported) platform at this point.

"A combat experience in VR really gives you the chance to experience life closer to what a soldier would experience in real combat,” says studio founder, Vince Zampella. “It gives you more of that feeling of paranoia and the tension, fear, and adrenaline and anger...it's more visceral, it's more terrifying." Terrifyingly real war experience. Goodo.

"VR puts you into those situations so you can start imagining a small part of what it must be like," continued Peter Hirschmann, director at Respawn.

The actual specifics of the super secret project are still under wraps, but they’re targeting a 2019 release for the VR title.By then VR should’ve had ample time to gain a little more ground and become a more viable platform. From the looks of the announcement video, it’s very much a modern or historical warfare title from the looks of it, one grounded in realism rather than the mech antics of Titanfall. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear more.