Rainbow Six Siege is set to get its mid-season reinforcements update for the Operation Blood Orchid season. Some widespread changes are being introduced, including addressing ping abuse, the notorious peeker’s advantage, and buffs for both Kapkan and Blitz.

We’ll finish with the peeker’s advantage as I haven’t had my morning coffee yet, so I’ve got to build up to that one. So firstly we’ll start with two grizzled stalwarts - Kapkan and Blitz. Both have been in Rainbow Six Siege since launch two years ago, yet they’re still underutilised. Ubisoft has implemented a few little changes that it hopes will swing the balance in their favour.

Kapkan’s trip laser traps are probably the least effective traps available in Siege right now, despite changes earlier in the year to reduce their visibility. He still works occasionally (I saw three teammates bimble into a single Kapkan trap this week) but experienced players knew when and how to avoid them. As of this update, Kapkan will carry five Entry Denial devices, up from the previous three. They’ll be even harder to see what they’ll deal 60HP damage rather than an insta-kill. As Kapkan’s got more work to do at the start of a round, he’ll now be a two-speed operator rather than one-speed. Between Kapkan, Ela, Frost and Lesion it’s now possible to have a maximum of twenty traps deployed, or more if opting for Smoke. This could make for a powerful team combo in terms of delay tactics.

Then we come to Blitz, who’s actually become more like his name suggests. Blitz will now we able to sprint while the shield is up, providing consistent protection and allowing him to rush defenders and use his shield flash.

Not everyone gets loving though, Ela’s been getting some de-lovin’. As anyone who’s used it can attest, her SMG is an absolute beast. As a result, her win and pick rate was sky high. Ubisoft has opted to tone her down a bit by shortening the time before maximum recoil kicks in, as well as the impact of maximum recoil. She’ll now require a bit more skill to use effectively. Her four Grzmot mines are now also being reduced to three, forcing players to think more strategically about where they’re placed.

OK, I’ve got my coffee, now it’s time to explore peeker’s advantage. Ubisoft has obviously been doing a lot of research in this area, exploring the process of how and why the so-called peeker’s advantage affects gameplay. Siege uses a process called replication in order to guess where the player is, based on the location of where the server knows the player is based on movement.

“You can think of replication as “ghosts” that follow players,” explains Ubisoft. “This “ghost” represents your position as seen by the server. For example, if you have a ping of 200ms, your “ghost” is where you were 100ms ago (since ping represents round-trip duration). The higher a player’s ping, the further behind the player their “ghost” is.” Ghosting cannot be removed as there would be a disconnect in player movement - your inputs would be delayed equal to your ping. As such, there is a window of opportunity between the peeker rounding a corner and the victim receiving that data from the server. Peeker’s advantage is only affected by the victim’s ping, it makes no difference what the connection speed of the peeker is.

As you can see in the graphic above, the victim has a very short window to register their shot and survive the attack. The victim needs to fire the shot and hit before the peeker’s shot has a chance to reach the server. “Once officially dead on the server, all further actions by a player are rejected. This is in line with the design philosophy that the player with the fastest and most stable connection should have the advantage.”

Ubisoft will be taking the first steps to addressing this with the mid-season reinforcements. Servers will now be able to more accurately mirror the reaction times of a shooter with an unstable connection, resulting in a wider window of opportunity. It should make response times quicker, reduce latency and improved hit validation.

There’s also a frankly insane list of bug fixes as part of Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Blood Orchid Mid-Season Reinforcements. I won’t waste your time running through them, so here’s the full list:

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Blood Orchid Mid-Season Reinforcements Main Bug Fixes


Fixed – Shields can be placed in a doorway, and through a series of actions, used to clip into the walls. *These issues are Fixed on an individual basis, and we will continue to fix occurrences as they are found.

Fixed – Players are able to see through smoke grenade clouds when they are far away.

Fixed – When throwing a sticky gadget on a damaged barricade at a certain angle, removing the barricade will leave the gadget in place

Fixed – If a defender removes a barricade while a claymore is on the other side of it and it ends in DBNO, the slow blood prompt is not available.

Fixed – Minor animation glitch occur for all operators that vault & use right away their ADS

Fixed – Players cannot open the scoreboard when being presented with the map and game mode at the beginning of a match, or in the round presentation screen just before the planning phase.

Fixed – Shield animation is broken when spamming prone.

Fixed – – User experiences collision issues while strafing along destructible walls.

Fixed – Deploying Castle’s barricade and cancelling the animation will no longer cause other player’s FPS to drop.




Fixed – Players are able to duplicate Tachanka's turret indefinitely.


Fixed – Trophy system does not intercept grenades as intended.


Fixed – Candela Charges will blind the Attacker continuously if they enter their drone camera while flashed.


Fixed – No points are awarded for players that step on Gu mines while Lesion is dead.


Fixed – Pellets can get attached to nothing, causing them to float.


Fixed – Ash is able to destroy Bandit's shock wire on an electrified reinforced wall and receive points when she should not be able to destroy it with her Breaching Round.


Fixed – ADS is misaligned after immediately switching from gadget.

Fixed – A delay is present before aiming with her Electronics Detector deployed.


Fixed – There is a clipping issue when crawling while using the Skeleton Key.


Fixed – Explosives do not destroy Shock Wire when the reinforcement is placed on a trap door.

Fixed – No points gained for destroying a Breaching Round with electrified wires.


Fixed – The replication of Montagne shield can be broken.

Fixed – Montagne can shoot through the extended shield.




Fixed – Voice chat can be heard between different PVP games.


Fixed – You can hear the sound of the biohazard container in the previous spawn selected.


Fixed – Hostage clips through all walls and object when the attacker stops escorting him.

Fixed – Players are able to displace the hostage using the deployable shield.


Fixed – Participants in a custom game will remain in prep phase if the host pauses the timer after the time has ended.

Fixed – Clients that JIP into a Custom Game in Tactical Realism mode will be spawned with the camera in the center of the map




Fixed – Placing a deployable shield in the doorframe blocks the vaulting option in 1F House Lobby and 2F Terrace.

Fixed – Gu is not activated if thrown at the intersection of two tiles at the bottom of the stairs in 1F House Lobby.

Fixed – Drone can fall out of world from under the stairs of EXT East Garden.


Fixed – Players can vault inside the boxes at 2F Cafe Corridor.

Fixed – A pile of plaid clothing asset across the map acts as an indestructible steel object when struck with the Sledgehammer.


Fixed – Players can see outside by destroying the walls of the cockpit.


Fixed – It is possible to kill players above Kitchen through the indestructible floor using explosives.


Fixed – Textures between reinforceable and indestructible walls allow bullets to pass through.

Fixed – Defender can run out to a specific spot and remain undetected.


Fixed – Rubberbanding when vaulting a shield in Basement Archives.

Fixed – Players are able to stand on a window frame.

Fixed – Vaulting over a Deployable Shield in the Archives Corridor hallway may result in the player falling out of world.

Fixed – Hole between table legs on 2F Hallway is acting as a penetrable wall.

Fixed – Valkyrie can place a camera inside a wall from 1F West Corridor from B Garage.

Fixed – Textures between reinforceable and indestructible walls allow bullets to pass through.

Fixed – After destroying the roof of the garage the player can throw a Black Eye camera into it and see through wall.

Fixed – Wood buffer are too large next to reinforcements, allowing players to shoot through them.


Fixed – Drone can clip and remain stuck in Planter Foliage above Main Entrance.


Fixed – Behind the crates in 2F Armory, there is missing collision on the wall and a drone can fall out of the world.

Fixed – Textures between reinforceable and indestructible walls allow bullets to pass through.


Fixed – Players are able to force their character out of the floor's collision and kill opponents outside.


Fixed – The players can place the defuser in Armory on top of boxes and out of reach for defenders.


Fixed – Textures between reinforcible and indestructible walls allow bullets to pass through.



Fixed – When interrupted, some weapon’s reload audio does not properly sync with the animation.

Fixed – Bad animation when you go from running to walking stance.

Fixed – Crouched Operators can sometimes have their foot clip into ground.

Fixed – Montagne's reload animation is broken when viewed from 3rd person.

Fixed – Inconsistency between the in game headgear and the picture for some of Valkyrie’s headgear.

Fixed – Arm Protection's straps clip into Rook's uniform.

Fixed – Knees of Blitz clipping through is Shield when Vaulting

Fixed – IQ's hand and shoulder have a strange animation when deploying the Electronics Detector.

Fixed – Rook's face clips through his headgear when being hit.

Fixed – After Ela’s concussion effect disappears, there is a bad animation with the hands.

Fixed – Blitz has missing shoulder straps on his default uniform.

Fixed – Bundles reappear after unlocking them.

Fixed – The item model will rotate without player input if the player enters a submenu or switches through the available content while rotating the model.

Fixed – Rook’s Créneau headgear design on the shop image does not reflect the design of the actual headgear.

Fixed – Valkyrie’s Pop Art headgear thumbnail has normal hair and grey glasses.

Fixed – Visual artifact visible on the Alpha Pack.

Fixed – 25 Pack Icon is distinct from the background.

Fixed – Distinct stripe is sometimes visible on the Alpha Pack.

Fixed – Sometimes there is a shadow in front of the card pulled from Alpha Packs.

Fixed – Inconsistency between rarity of gridlock weapon skin.

Fixed – While entering through a window from rappel while ADS and shooting, ADS animation is broken.

Fixed – For Scorpion EVO 3 A1, the muzzle flash is too far ahead when a weapon is equipped with Compensator.

Fixed – The rappel rope/line clips every time you end the action.

Fixed – When moving while in ADS with any weapon with an ACOG sight, the weapon sight displays minor rubberbanding.

Fixed – The weapon becomes invisible if quickly switching to and back from a gadget can be equipped and held.

Fixed – Currency Pack price inconsistency in British Store.

Fixed – Inconsistency with the Legendary skins missing rarity.

Fixed – The rotation axis of the Operator’s shields in the charms full screen preview is incorrect when using higher levels of zoom.

Fixed – Bandit’s Road Hog uniform does not have a rarity.

Fixed – Gridlock Assault Rifle Bundle has two items without rarity until items are previewed in the shop.

Fixed – Sledge’s Blood Orchid uniform camo pattern appears too dull and is not very visible.

Fixed – Corrupted texture can be noticed on the Alembic skin thumbnail after equipping the skin.

Fixed – The Valkyrie Chibi is invisible in game.

Fixed – Frost’s Blood Orchid uniform appears too dull, not being very visible.

Fixed – Blue Nebula Skin does not have a rarity.

Fixed – The Oak Barrel charm clips into the weapon.

Fixed – The text on the right side of Ela's headgear is mirrored.

Fixed – There are more cans of the 30 days booster then the 90 days boosters.

Fixed – Beatmatch charm is in low resolution.

Fixed – A typo is present in Ela's description in Spanish localization.

Fixed – There is no visual indicator for squad members when they are transmitting audio over voice chat.

Fixed – All Weapon Skins, Charms, Attachments, Headgear and Uniforms are reset to default on every Operator after rebooting the game.

Fixed – The Fragrant Harbor charm has black reflecting textures on the sails.

Fixed – The Dancing Auntie charm has missing backface.

Fixed – The Gold Chibi for Glaz has missing backface.

Fixed – Images are not loading properly on the Player Profile section of the Rainbow Six website

The Rainbow Six Siege Reinforcements patch should be rolling out later today.