We’ve known for a while now Far Cry 5 would be going all-in on the co-op, but we hadn’t quite realised just what big dumb fun it was going to be. Ubisoft’s revealed a new ‘Friend For Hire’ trailer for Far Cry 5, detailing the chaotic shenanigans you and a buddy can get up to in its version of rural Montana.

Once you get through the tutorial in Far Cry 5, the entire game is playable in seamless drop in, drop out cooperative multiplayer. It looks a bit like Wildlands-lite, but with an even greater focus on vehicular combat. You and buddy can joyride tractors, pilot fighter planes, and muscle cars. It’s all a bit Starsky & Hutch at times and looks as if it could be some raucous fun.

"To help players in their mission to take down the cult, the host player will still be able to recruit 'Guns For Hire' or 'Fangs for Hire' keeping in mind that you can have up to two buddies, with one being another player, join you in your squad," says Ubisoft. "Far Cry 5 'Friends For Hire' two-player co-op will allow players to explore Hope County and take down the Project at Eden’s Gate in a surprising and chaotic new fashion expanding the possibility of the game’s open world."

Far Cry 5 is out on February 27th, 2018, for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.