Ubisoft is preparing to build up to the reveal of its next season of Rainbow Six Siege, teasing Operation White Noise which is set in South Korea. Verticality seems to be the key here for this new expansion, with Ubisoft experimenting with a looming observation tower that sits above the skyline of Seoul.

For the most part, there’s a limited degree of verticality in Siege, with the exception of shooting between two or three floors. It’s seldom that players have to actually look upwards or downwards once they’re in a building though, so it’ll be intriguing to see just how this plays out.

In addition to the map, Operation White Noise will introduce three two Operators. Two of them will be from the South Korean 707th Special Mission Battalion, one of which is a defender that’s “methodical and tenacious,” while the other is a “stubborn and daring” attacker.

The third will be an attacking Operator from Poland’s GROM forces. She’ll complete the Polish forces alongside Blood Orchid’s Ela. Current rumours point to this new Operator being Ela’s sister. I’m sure that’ll please all those sordid shipping fans out there. There still aren't any clues as to just what any of their special abilities may be, so let us know down in comments if you can think of any promising ideas.

Tantalisingly, Ubisoft also said White Noise will be the final content drop before Rainbow Six Siege enters Year 3, meaning a guaranteed four new seasons of new maps and Operators are inbound.

A full reveal of Season 4: Operation White Noise is due to take place during the Rainbow Six Pro League finals in Sao Paulo that takes place on November 18-19.