Hold your horses if about to rush out there and buy an Xbox One X. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has dropped the biggest hint yet that we can expect the next proper generation of consoles to hit during holiday 2019.

It’s that time of the year once again where investor calls and financial results are being gushed forth, and Ubisoft’s has proven pretty enlightening. Guillemot was asked about how Ubisoft plans to support both the newly released Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 Pro, to which he replied: "We think we have about two years before something else is coming."

Using our Columbo-esque powers of deduction, it doesn’t take much to understand this means another console generation (yippee, time for dodgy CG mockups and 'leaks'). By then, both the PlayStation and the Xbox One will be six years old, so this definitely sounds about right. Ubisoft is going to be extremely in-the-know in regards to this. The French publisher has a long track record of releasing launch titles for consoles, and the pieces are probably already moving behind the scenes in regards to this.

Guillemot claimed that Ubisoft has confidence in its pipeline of games planned through until Fiscal Year 2021, so it seems assured that next-generation titles are already in development. Logically, Beyond Good & Evil 2 is probably a PlayStation 5 title, for example.

To that end, both the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X are increasingly looking like stop-gap consoles designed to eke out a bit of 4K performance. In essence, they’re a nice, handy way to sell you two consoles within a single generation. Great if you’re rocking a 4K display, but not for much else.

Should the next generation of consoles be inbound within two years, we're probably not all that far away from the specs being finalised. They're usually nailed down around 18 months before launch, so next year's hardware could be what finds its way into the PS5.

What are your expectations from the next generation of consoles in terms of hardware? What else could be done aside from performance to improve the appeal of consoles? Let us know your thoughts!