While we’re all glum about the likes of Take-Two and Activision’s incessant microtransactions, there are some out there still fighting the good fight. The newly independent Io Interactive are just such a team, confirming that a new Hitman game is in the works.

Io has just released the Hitman: Game of the Year Edition, complete with a new story campaign, and progress is now underway for the sequel.

“I want to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you, in advance, to everyone who supports us by purchasing the GOTY Edition or the Upgrade,” says Hakan Abrak, CEO of Io Interactive. “Your support will directly help us to continue on our independent journey towards the next Hitman game and beyond.”

As for that next Hitman game, the smart money's on Hitman: Season Two. You don't call a game Season One for nothing, after all.

“One last thing about our next Hitman game; I want to let you know that we’re making great progress and we have exciting new features and some franchise firsts, which we can’t wait to tell you all about. You’ll have to wait a little longer as we don’t plan to start talking about that until some point in 2018.”

More Hitman’s a win by us. Whatever the detractors say of the episodic nature of the previous game, it was quite simply the best the Hitman franchise has ever been. There really is nothing out there quite like it, so it’s excellent news that Io managed to retain the Hitman IP after parting ways with publisher Square Enix.