GD has just celebrated its ninth birthday (almost double digits!) and that can only mean one thing - the return of the incredible Global Game Awards. We're back now for our fifth annual extravaganza, celebrating the best of gaming in what has been a ridiculously good year. We really have been spoiled. So if you are looking to find out what the best hardware is from 2017, perhaps looking for a CPU or GPU upgrade, or what the best mouse is from 2017, or maybe which keyboard headset combo to go for then Global Game Awards 2017 has it in. Maybe you are after a list of the best games by your favourite category, to add to your gaming Christmas 2017 game wish list then the global game awards is a perfect place to find out what the year of 2017 really had to offer us.

However, it's never been tougher to nail down the games and PC gaming hardware nominated for these awards, but it's a good problem for us gamers to have.

Global Game Awards 2017

Voting Opens Today, Thursday, 9th November

Voting Closes Thursday, 23rd November

Winners Announced Friday, 24th November

Global Game Awards 2017 - GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Giveaway

Just to spruce things up we've got a special giveaway to celebrate the Global Game Awards 2017. We've got a brand new Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti graphics card to give away to one lucky winner.

How to enter our GGA2017 GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Giveaway

All you've got to do is get involved with GGA 2017, tweeting your support or doing any of the bits and bobs detailed below. The more you get involved, the better your chance of winning this $450 graphics card! But definitely voting while logged in to GD is the best way to get the best chance along with having a version of GD Anywhere installed.

On every Global Game Awards nominee page there is a tweet button to show your support. Each one of those tweets will slap you straight in with a chance of getting your hands on the shinny Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti.

THE WINNER - is Scott M. from Canada. You are one lucky person! A MSI GTX 1070 TI DUKE 8G will be heading towards you via Amazon this week. Your winning entry was for voting for your favourite Publisher in the 2017 Global Game Awards. For the rest of us, I will be doing another big giveaway very soon for Christmas, which is only a few weeks away.

Right then, I've done my bit! Now it's up to you brilliant lot. Tweet and share everything via all social networks and forums you can think of. And if you're keen enough for something to win, go to their home website and post a message on their dev blog, forums, whatever, and tell them they really need to get voting for their own game or hardware. We've got live tracking on each individual award page so you can check back in and see how your favourite nominees are doing throughout the two-week process.

Let's make our GD opinion really count for something this year. Because if you click to tweet something from our awards pages then you’ll be grabbing attention from some of the biggest names in the industry.

Best of luck with the giveaway, and may the best games win!

Our Favorite Comments
"If I win, I'm taking a picture of myself naked with only this GTX 1070 Ti"