I don’t know the current season has disappeared to but we’re already barreling towards the release of Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation White Noise expansion. It’s the fourth and final part of Siege’s Year Two, and aside from the three new Operators also includes a new Tower map set in South Korea.

“In Operation White Noise, descend upon the high tech communications tower Mok Myeok and put an end to its corruption,” says Ubisoft.

As we’d heard previously, Mok Myeok Tower skews heavily towards vertical design, with sightlines from the top floor right down to the bottom. It’s unclear just how attackers will penetrate the building, but the assumption is that assaults will begin from the top, with the opportunity to blast through the ceiling or rappel downwards.

Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation White Noise should be available for free later this month. A full reveal is planned to take place during the Pro League Finals on November 19th, during which we’ll hopefully get a glimpse of how those three new operators are shaping up.