The Nintendo Switch has been off to a flyer in the eight months since its launch, but Nintendo’s got its sights set on even greater achievements. According to the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo has upped Switch production, with plans in place to manufacture and ship between 25-30 million Switch consoles in the next fiscal year.

30 million units being manufactured in a single year is just unprecedented. This would mean that on top of Nintendo’s internal estimates of 17m sold within its first year, close to 50 million Nintendo Switch consoles will be shipped by April 2019. By those estimates, the Nintendo Switch could outsell the Xbox One within 18 months of its launch.

In total, we’re looking at around 2.5 million Switch consoles being sold per month next year if Nintendo can keep the momentum going. That’s one console sold every second. Japanese investment banking firm Nomura Securities has already estimated the Nintendo Switch will outsell the Wii in its lifetime.

One interesting wrinkle in all of this is that Nintendo’s Tatsumi Kimishima has said the Japanese giant believes demand for the console will rise after the holiday period. That’s an unusual situation, indicating something is going to happen which will further drive sales. It could be a modest price cut, or perhaps Nintendo has a ruthless 2018 lineup hidden up its sleeve. At the moment 2018 looks a little threadbare for the Switch, aside from the slim chance of a Pokemon game and the already revealed Yoshi and Kirby titles. It’s worth bearing in mind that at this point last year, the only first-party console title we knew about from Nintendo was The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and look how this year has turned out.

Nintendo’s obviously hit on something which is clicking with gamers, but it can it keep up the forward momentum in the way it hopes? Any GD’ers picked up Nintendo’s portable/console hybrid? Let us know!