It’s been pretty difficult to avoid hearing about Star Wars Battlefront II’s god awful loot crate system. They’re not without their perks though, and it means those who pay-to-win are at least funding ‘free’ maps and modes for the rest of us (as they batter us into a submission with a +80% damage blaster rifle).

All the service content for Star Wars Battlefront 2 kicks off from December 5th, beginning with The Last Jedi season to tie in with the upcoming movie of the same name. First of all, you’ll need to align with either the First Order or the Resistance, battling for unique faction rewards. Then in week two, we get a bumper crop of content thanks to the new Finn and Phasma heroes, as well as the Crait Galactic Assault map, D’Qar Starfighter Assault map, Tallie’s RZ-A2 A-Wing hero ship, and a new Resurrection story chapter. After this there’ll be unique daily challenges, weekend challenges and specialised playlists and modes to celebrate the holidays.

In short there looks to be plenty to get on with in Star Wars Battlefront II for the month following its launch, provided you find the game good enough to stick around and keep playing. I have to say it looks a shade more inviting than the usual $50 season pass as well, provided DICE can keep up this constant flow of content.

Talking of all those pesky loot crates, the final pricing of the loot crates has been revealed. The loot boxes vary in quality, and of course, cost. The cheapest is the Hero crate which costs 110 Crystals or 2200 Credits. Then there’s the Starfighter loot box, a snip at 120 Crystals or 2400 Credits. Lastly, there’s the premium Trooper loot crate, which is 200 Crystals or 4000 credits. Credits are earned through normal gameplay, while Crystals are the microtransaction currency.

  • 500 Crystals for £3.99/$4.99
  • 1000 Crystals for £7.99/$9.99
  • 2100 Crystals for £15.99/$19.99
  • 4400 Crystals for £31.99/$39.00
  • 120,000 Crystals for £79.99/$99.99

The more you spend, the better the ‘value’. If you buy the smaller pack it works out at one crystal per cent. The largest pack will get you 1.2 Crystals per cent. Much value. Much goodness. Inside you get various cards with either stat boosts or crafting materials. Spend $100 and you’ve instantly got a better fighting chance. Whoop. Still, free maps, right?

A packed lineup coming for Star Wars Battlefront 2 then, at the expense of those intrusive loot crates. Who's planning to give it a shot when it launches on November 13th?

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