More than 20 million people no doubt know PUBG’s only map like the back of their hand. It’s testament to just how great the game is that a single map can keep players hooked for hundreds of hours. A major shot in the arm will be coming with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds 1.0 launch, heralding the arrival of the new desert map.

With any luck, you’ve got a love of sand because there’s plenty of it. A bunch of new screenshots show it’s a heck of a lot more urban than we’d previously thought, with built up tenement buildings and a whole bunch of things in various states of disrepair.

Getting on top of one of those cranes could be a ridiculous place to rack up some kills, although you would be painting a bit of a target on yourself. Still, worth a go right to shoot some poor unsuspecting schmuck making a break from cover.

Compared to the base map there look to be a whole lot more places to hide and things are sure to get very sneaky indeed if one of these areas is hosting to the closing moments in a match.

Bluehole has promised the desert map will be ready to launch for PUBG in late December, rolling out as part of the 1.0 update which officially brings PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds out of Early Access.