The drama with microtransactions has really reached its zenith this week. All the biggest publishers have been posting their quarterly financial earnings and the resounding answer has been that microtransactions make a crap-ton of money. To that end, both EA and Take-Two have said they want to incorporate some form of recurrent spending in all their future games.

Conversely, the reaction from gamers has been one of both anger and resignation. The overwhelming response is that players don’t want them. And yet, publishers are earning record amounts from in-game purchases. Billions of dollars every year. For all the complaining, people are out there buying them in droves. We’re quick to pinpoint these so-called whales, but considering folks are still buying these microtransaction-driven games in their millions, I suspect more people than we think are dropping the occasional buck on a loot crate.

So I’d like to host a bit of an AA meeting, but for microtransactions. A little place where we can come forward and confess our sins, possibly with the aim of understanding just how much, and why, we’re spending on microtransactions. To be clear, this isn’t DLC, but rather in-game currencies and randomised loot crates.

I’ll kick things off with my confession. I have bought a microtransaction. Just the once though. It was a Renown Booster for Rainbow Six Siege, doubling my Renown earning for the next 24 hours. I think it was about 79p (maybe 99p?) so nothing major, and it let me earn double Renown so I could unlock the new Operators that were arriving the next day. It seemed like a fair deal to me considering the amount of time I’ve put into the game, and I’d probably do it again if I was ever desperately short of Renown. Aside from this though, to the best of my knowledge, I haven’t purchased anything else. My mates have certainly been prone to buying weapon skins and such, but I haven’t buckled with that just yet.

Over to you then. Have you ever bought microtransactions in games? What are you spending it on? Get it off your chest below!

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"If I get a game on sale I sometimes make up the difference with micros. Would never if I had paid full price though."
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