The first photo has emerged of Intel and AMD’s joint venture. The MCM (multi-chip module) chip in question is an Intel CPU with an AMD Radeon GPU onboard, along with a 4GB stack of HBM2 memory.

As you can see the MCM is split into distinct sections. On the left we’ve got the new Kaby Lake CPU. To the right of it we’ve got the custom AMD Radeon Vega graphics chip, while on far right you can see the stack of High Bandwidth Memory. It uses a custom Embedded Multi-Die Interconnect Bridge (EMIB) to house these components together on a single module, allowing a high-performance connection between the CPU, GPU and memory.

It’s a tiny yet high-end solution that could offer unparalleled performance for ultrabook users when it eventually arrives next year. Details are still a little sketchy but by all accounts, the AMD Vega GPU is pretty damn capable. Performance puts it somewhere in the region of a Radeon R9 285, which is just incredible considering its diminutive size.

The overall footprint chip is comparatively massive of course, but it's to be expected when it's housing all three components. The new Z design does allow it to have a much lower height though, making it the perfect for mobile solutions.

It's sure to be intriguing to see just how this plays out. A similar design is sure to be used on AMD's own CPUs eventually, offering impressive computing power without a dedicated graphics card.