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Batman: Arkham series creators Rocksteady Studios is now hiring across all departments, gearing up for its next major release.

“We're hiring across all departments - if you're a world-class AI Programmer, Technical Artist, Cinematic Animator, or Scriptwriter, we want to hear from you. Plus, more roles available. Apply right here:  #gamesjobs #animationjobs #codingjobs” reads a Tweet from the official Rocksteady Studios Twitter account.

Rumours have been, ahem, flying around that Rocksteady plans to have a crack at Superman next. There doesn’t seem to be much truth to these rumours though, with a 4chan leak claiming the Superman game would be revealed on the front cover of December’s issue of Game Informer. Last week that was revealed to be Monster Hunter World. Oops.

Obviously, Rocksteady is working on something, and it's been doing so for at least two years. Their talents, combined with being a subsidiary of Warner Bros, makes them a perfect fit to tackle games in the DC universe. Superman is somewhat of a poisoned chalice though. No one has quite translated the Man of Steel to videogame form successfully. In fact, they’ve generally been absolute garbage. Something about being an unstoppable hero who can move entire planets just seems to confound developers. If anyone can have a decent stab at it though, Rocksteady are the folks who can do it justice.

Talking of justice, the other perfect fit could, of course, be Justice League. That’s hitting cinemas around about now and it’s actually supposed to be good. They say about every Marvel movie though and they’re usually pretty dire. If it does well then a game tie-in could be an absolute cash cow, as well as opening up the usual Batman formula to include Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

What are you hoping Rocksteady is working on next? Is it time to leave Batman behind? Let us know your thoughts!