Ubisoft’s official site briefly, and inadvertently, went live with a reveal of Rainbow Six Siege’s newest Operator. A grand total of three Operators are arriving as part of Siege’s South Korean themed Year 2 Season 4, and the first of these is Grace ‘Dokkaebi’ Nam.

Dokkaebi is one of two new Operators arriving as part of South Korea’s 707th Special Mission Battalion. The other will be a Polish attacking Operator. Dokkaebi is a “stubborn and daring” hacking, who made her way into the titular Rainbow 6 through hacking their servers to gain their attention.

Sadly the post from Ubisoft was a little light on specific details with a proper revealed planned for a live stream. In the image we can clearly see she’s clearly wandering around with a tablet of some sort, no doubt utilised for all sorts of nefarious hacking.

“We wanted an operator who went against type,” says lead writer Lucien Soulban. “Put an assault rifle in her hand and she’s deadly, but use her special ability and the enemy team is in her crosshairs.”

We’re moving into guesswork territory here, but the assumption is that Dokkaebi can hack enemy electronic gadgets. There are a heck of a lot of gadgets and traps in play now, and Dokkaebi could be the perfect counterpoint. If she could hack cameras that would be a real game changer though, flipping the tables on one of the Defenders’ key strengths and turning it against them. Ubisoft has said, “what makes her even more dangerous, however, is her trickster streak, and it can get you killed.” Veeeery cryptic indeed.

On the weapon front, Grace Nam is equipped with either an Mk 14 RBT marksman rifle or the BOSG 12.2 shotgun as a primary and a choice between the C75 Auto and the SMG-12 MP as her secondary. The Mk 14 is a battle rifle designed for both marksman and close combat roles, while the BOSG shotgun we’ve never actually heard of, in truth.

What are your thoughts on Dokkaebi? And just what could her hacking skills be?

We should find out all the juicy details during the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Finals which take place on November 19th.