PUBG’s 1.0 patch has been rolling out to test servers and it hasn’t taken long for folks to datamine the hell out of it and extract a full minimap view of the upcoming desert map. It all certainly lines up with what we’ve seen of the desert map so far, although the location names may well just be placeholders at this stage. Who knows though, maybe we will be staging a Bareback landing.

Size-wise it’s difficult to tell, but the desert map appears to be roughly on par with the original map. We weren’t expecting a coastline to feature though. Perhaps Bluehole felt the boat-driving aspect was sorely missed when going the purely desert route, meaning we now have a coastline that stretches along the entire bottom of the map, including around a prison island.

While the desert map is yet to go live on PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' test server, it looks as if the final map design has at least been nailed down. It's been a long time coming but it will double the available terrain in PUBG in time for its launch out of Early Access in December.

In addition to the map, another Redditor by the name Art_7s has unearthed a brand new vehicle - a jet ski. It looks as if this is a very early version of the asset and it could do with some texture work, but it looks as if plans are places to have driveable jet skis available in the bottom half of the desert map.

The actual 1.0 patch on the test servers also features the much anticipated vaulting feature of course, and players have been busy giving that a test before it’s ready for rolling out to the live servers, barring any unforeseen complications.

Are you ready to get hooked all over again with the new desert map? Or is the recent influx of PUBG cheaters beginning to get you down? Let us know!