Code Vein
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Bandai Namco has revealed an all-new trailer for Code Vein, its in-house replacement for the Dark Souls crowd after From Software wrapped up development on the trilogy last year. The Souls-like genre is a little well worn these days but you can’t blame Bandai Namco for trying, and its anime-tinged action game is undoubtedly showing some promise from the looks of this latest trailer.

Set in the far future, Earth and civilization have collapsed as we know it in Code Vein. A hidden society of Revenants called Vein still cling onto existence though, taking shelter in one final stronghold. They have access to monstrous powers obtained in exchange for their human memories and gifts of blood, with the Vein treading a fine line between being powerful superhumans or become one of the terrifying Lost themselves; ghouls stalking the Earth devoid of any remaining humanity.

Code Vein is still tentatively dated for a 2018 launch for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.