As far as gaming mysteries go, Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding is right up there. It’s comfortably one of the most anticipated games in the world, and yet we know next to nothing about it except for a naked, crying Norman Reedus hugging a baby on a beach and zombie tanks. See, none the wiser. Still, Kojima’s confirmed during a recent interview that development of Death Stranding is going according to plan and the game is in a fully playable state right now.

Speaking to Portuguese TV show La Noite, Kojima says “The game is already playable, it has all the characters, but I have to test it. I have to test it because I want to make sure the game pleases everyone, and while I test it, I start to add the details. It's like a movie where you edit it and cut and add something, I'm in that stage for my game.”

From the sounds of it, Kojima Productions may very well be getting near to an actual gameplay reveal. Fingers crossed we see something at Sony’s PSX event next month of The Game Awards. Movie director Guillermo Del Toro said last week that Kojima was planning to show him gameplay within the next couple of weeks.

Kojima also opened up a little bit about what Death Stranding will be. He agreed it will be “an action adventure, dark and surreal, in the near or alternative future, with an ecological subject matter.” That ties in pretty neatly with what we’ve seen so far, including the dead whales and other sea life, washed up on the beach.

It also sounds as if Kojima plans for Death Stranding to be much more dynamic in its gameplay than typical gameplay systems.

“You know, I've been making games 31 years by now and I can see that games only focus on the stick, or pistol, to kill your enemy, and that's pretty much it. I want to achieve something different where you not only use the stick but you can use a rope and do different things. Of course, you can still play with the stick but that will be optional and will be different from all the games I've made [so far].”

Reading between the lines it appears Kojima has something very ambitious underway here that breaks from typical gaming conventions. In truth, we’re still none the wiser, but we’re itching to find out more.