Historical Total War fans have been getting spoilt this month with the announcement of the Empire Divided DLC for Rome II and the all-new Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia. Creative Assembly’s eager to remind Warhammer nuts that they haven’t been forgotten so quickly after Total War: Warhammer 2’s launch. A big Reprisal Update is inbound for Total Warhammer 2, bringing the content changes from the original game’s Foundation Update into the Mortal Empires grand campaign.

If you’re not intimately familiar with the inner workings of Total Warhammer that probably sounds a little confusing, but suffice to say all of the old races from the original game are being given a bit of a buff to bring them up to the complexity of the newer factions.

The Warriors of Chaos will now be a little more forgiving to use and have a greater sense of momentum while marauding. The Wood Elves get a batch of new units to provide greater tactical options, while the Legendary Lords are updated with new skill trees and unique lore-inspired skills. You can read the full details on the original Foundation Update here, but suffice to say all of these tweaks will be coming Total War: Warhammer 2, and its giant Mortal Empires campaign in particular.

In addition to all that, the Reprisal Update also includes a handful of all new changes:

  • 5 New skill-tree skills for Helman Ghorst
  • Immortality skill added to Old World characters
  • Bordeleaux now begins at war with Mousillon (yay!)
  • Bug fixes

The goodies don’t end there either, with the 30th Anniversary Regiments set to arrive shortly. It’s a bunch of 30 free elite units that arrived as a free update for Total Warhammer, but now they’re now going to be integrated into Mortal Empires.

“We’re not ready to put dates on any changes beyond the Reprisal Update – they’ll be done when they’re good and ready – so we’ll talk more about them closer to the time, likely sometime in the new year,” says Creative Assembly’s Lori Forder. “So that’s it for now, other than to reassure you that just as we did WARHAMMER 1, we’re hugely committed to evolving, improving and adding new content to WARHAMMER II and Mortal Empires as time goes by.”

From the looks of things, CA is mainly concerned with bringing the two Total Warhammer games into line with one another before fussing about all-new content. It sounds as if all these tweaks should be implemented by the year’s end and then we can expect the usual new faction DLC rollout to rumble into gear.