In case you haven’t loaded up Steam yet today, newsflash! The Steam Autumn Sale is now live for Black Friday, discounting thousands of games at this wonderfully wallet emptying time of year.

The Steam Autumn Sale is running for almost a week from today, November 22nd, through to next Tuesday, November 28th.

Now that flash deals and daily specials are a thing of the past for Steam, I can’t be alone in finding it difficult to spot the genuinely great deals when it’s sales season. It’s simple when you know what game you’re looking for, but just browsing can be a bit of a nightmare.

So here we’ve got a place where everyone can hopefully call out the best deals they’ve spotted, or shine a spotlight on some hidden gems. The Steam Sale is, of course, a lot more than yet another 50% discount on GTA 5, so let everyone know any bargains or great pickups you find in the comments section below!

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