This week it feels as if we’re at a bit of a turning point for VR. After a sputtery launch and an inconsistent quality to releases, VR is building up a head of steam. Skyrim VR came to PS4 last week, DOOM VFR and Fallout 4 VR are coming to PC any day now, and the likes of London Heist, Moss, Bravo Team and The Inpatient all show signs of immense promise.

It’s Bethesda’s two huge RPGs that prove the most interesting focal point, however. Most virtual reality games are slight affairs, often no more than an hour or two long, yet with Skyrim VR and Fallout 4 VR we’ve got a pair of games that could conceivably be played for hundreds of hours. They’re games you can actually get lost in, delivering on the promise of virtual reality worlds with uncompromised immersion. Skyrim VR is by all accounts a game-changer, taking a, ahem, distinctly average game and elevating it purely through the wonder of the technology.

With three AAA games launching in as many weeks, Bethesda is spearheading a VR offensive like no other publisher. While it could be held as an example of their belief in the tech, it’s actually much more likely to just be a testing ground to see what works and how much interest can be generated. The bonus for Bethesda is that creating these VR titles was likely considerably cheaper than it would cost to develop a brand new game. Bethesda simply had to crowbar VR into an existing experience.

Which all brings me to the point of this Up For Debate - Bethesda has proven that already successful games can be retroactively updated with VR support and work. With that in mind, which other games do you think could be successful in VR? Is there any particular franchise coming to VR that would make you rush out and buy a headset? Or are you firmly anti-VR regardless of what titles come to the various VR headsets? Let us know below!

I'll start things off with mine, but it's a bit of a weird one - FIFA 18. Fundamentally it would have little impact on the gameplay, but the actual feeling of being inside a stadium and looking down at a pitch with all these players you can control would just be awesome.