Studio Wildcard has confirmed its upcoming Aberration expansion pack for Ark: Survival Evolved will be hatching on December 12th, some two months after its originally anticipated October date.

The titular Aberration is a derelict, malfunctioning Ark with new underground biome systems. Its focus is on radiation, including damaging radioactive sunlight, leading to genetic mutations for existing species as well as the creation of all new creatures. Each packs an array of new skills should you be able to tame them, such as the Rock Drake which can clamber up vertical surfaces and the Cave Crustacean which can pick up and hurl creatures and people on demand.

Topping off the hierarchy of new creatures are the Nameless though, a relentless new force headed up by the Nameless Queen. She’s a bit xenomorph-sounding, impregnating foes before bursting out of their chest to give birth.

Now Ark: Survival Evolved has officially launched out of Early Access we can also sidestep the conundrum of whether it should be getting paid expansions, as per last year’s Scorched Earth DLC. Life always finds a way. Pricing for Aberration have yet to be revealed, but Scorched Earth was £15 / $20 so expect it to be somewhere within that range.