Now, I know what you’re thinking. From a consumer point of view, yes, we do want things as cheap as possible. There are some additional wrinkles to this line of thinking though, including the possibility of a sequel ever being made. If everyone’s happy to wait for a $5 copy of DOOM, DOOM 2 wouldn’t get made.

But first of all, I’d like to think of this from the publisher point of view, and one publisher which really set me off down this line of thinking was Bethesda. While Bethesda is happily pumping out great games, it’s also becoming equally well known for having sizeable discounts shortly after a game’s launch. At this point, you’re being taken for a fool if you bought Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus or The Evil Within 2 on launch day. Both are a matter of weeks old, and they’re available for a 50% discount on all platforms.

This information may not be harmful in the here and now, but anyone who bought either of these two games is probably going to think twice when Bethesda’s next game arrives. Just a tiny bit of patience would get these folks the same games for a fraction of the price.

Now, becoming known for this is unsustainable. The bulk of any games sales take place around launch, and it’s here where the greatest profits are to be made. Bearing in mind that Bethesda doesn’t really engage in the whole games as a service thing (for now at least), these are one and done experiences that rely on solid launches if a sequel or similar game is to see the light of day. Once word gets out, there’s a danger that those familiar with the pricing strategy choose to opt out and wait for a sale, no matter how great the game may be.

So this question doesn’t necessarily apply to all publishers, but do you think some are too quick to discount their games? And does this cause you to think twice about buying their games new? Which publishers do you think discount their prices quickest? Let us know below!

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