Destiny 2 got off to a hell of a strong start, yet it would be fair to say that interest has cooled rapidly. In an effort to stoke the flames of passion ahead of the launch of Destiny 2’s first expansion, Curse of Osiris, Bungie is now offering a free trial which basically includes the first half of the game, as well as the PvP Crucible mode.

“So, you’re new to Destiny 2? Enjoy the free trial and jump into the cinematic campaign on your own or with friends. Want to battle other players? Enter the multiplayer arena and put your skills to the ultimate test,” says Bungie, hawking its wares like a Wild West salesman. “You are one of humanity’s last Guardians. Your home and your power have been taken from you by a brutal invader – Ghaul. With humanity on the brink, it’s up to you to fight back and reclaim our world.”

The Destiny 2 free trial includes two locations to explore - the European Dead Zone on Earth and Titan, a moon of Saturn. The EDZ is probably the largest location in the entire game so there’s plenty to get to grips with here. Within these locations, you’ll get access to a bunch of Destiny 2’s earlier campaign missions, as well as the ‘Adventures’ sidequests and full access to the Quickplay playlist in the PvP Crucible.

Any progress made with the Destiny 2 free trial then carries over to the full game if you eventually choose to buy it. All in all, that sounds like a decent deal, and there’s probably at least 10 hours or so of gameplay you can probably squeeze out of it, even more if you’re enjoying the Crucible. Bungie hopes that first taste is enough to tip you over the edge for a full purchase, although I suspect some may have had their fill by that point.

If you want to get involved then the Destiny 2 free trial starts today on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Who's planning to give this a try? If not, why?