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Civilization VI is set to get its first full expansion pack this coming February. Civilization VI: Rise and Fall has the unenviable task of making this huge game even larger, adding in eight new civilizations, a Great Ages system, a new city loyalty system, Governors, expanded Diplomacy and Government systems, and all the usual new units, districts, wonders and buildings we’ve come to expect.

Great Ages is a new system wherein a civilization can rise or fall at milestone Historic Moments, ushering in a period of Dark Ages or Golden Ages, each with specific challenges and bonuses to earn. Come out of a Dark Age period successfully and the next Golden Age will be even richer, becoming a Heroic Age.

As well as this, citizen loyalty now comes into play. Each individual city has a Loyalty toward your leadership. Allow their faith to slump and the consequences will include revolts, low yields, or potentially the city even strikes out on its own as an independent state. To help keep things in check governors have been introduced. These reinforce Loyalty and can be recruited, each with unique specialisation bonuses and promotion trees.

“With the new Great Ages system in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Rise and Fall, players can experience the ebb and flow of building empires amidst the challenges of history, either to lasting greatness or the dust of antiquity,” added Anton Strenger, lead designer at Firaxis Games. “With this expansion’s new features, players will be both challenged and rewarded in ways never seen before in the 26 years of the Civilization franchise.”

Sadly Firaxis hasn’t revealed exactly which new civilizations are being introduced, suffice to say they’ll each get a new world wonder to construct along with unique bonuses and gameplay twists.

“Sid Meier’s Civilization is 2K’s longest running franchise and we’re thrilled to reveal this exciting and dynamic expansion for fans to experience Civilization VI in all new ways,” said Matt Gorman, VP of Marketing at 2K. “The Civilization VI: Rise and Fall expansion comes after a year of content and updates to Civilization VI, and marks the perfect time for both veterans and newcomers to take one more turn at building their empire.”  

Civilization VI: Rise and Fall is out on February 8th, 2018 for PC.