Remember a few years back when we were just absolutely overrun by first-person shooters? Yeah, those times are gone now. 2018 is actually looking pretty threadbare for FPS fans, although of course there will be inevitable Call of Duty and Battlefield games that we don’t yet know about. Still, the games we are getting look absolutely excellent, so there should be plenty to please folks who are never happy unless they’re thrusting a gun in someone’s face.

Far Cry 5

There’s an argument to be made that Ubisoft doesn’t take huge risks when it comes to Far Cry, although who are we to complain when Far Cry 5 looks balls-to-the-wall fun. The rural Montana setting in particular looks to have garnered a lot of attention, but it’s the prospect of being able to play the entire campaign in co-op that’s got us excited. The prospect of high-tailing it into an enemy encampment with a gas truck and a killer dog while a buddy provides death from above with a crop duster is sure to prove difficult to resist.

Metro Exodus

Things have gone radio silent on Metro Exodus, but that E3 reveal trailer was truly jaw-dropping. The expectation is that 4A Games is cooking up something special here. Artyom is back, this time leaving the confines of the Moscow metro system in an epic journey across post-apocalyptic Russia in the search for a pocket of survivors in the East. While not strictly open-world, Metro Exodus will feature larger, open levels with dynamic weather and full day & night cycles.

Battalion 1944

Try as everyone might, no one’s quite managed to capture the core thrill of old-school World War 2 shooters like Day of Defeat and the original Call of Duty. The ping of an M1 Garand clip emptying, the slow, reliable fire of the K98K, nor the frantic grenade flinging action. Battalion 1944 does nothing to hide its inspirations, and for that we’re already predisposed to love it. Battles are small, 5v5 affairs where quick reactions and accuracy reign supreme. No grinding for unlocks, just raw skill sits between you and victory in Battalion 1944.

Battlefield 2018

We don’t know what it is yet, but EA’s financial results from November confirmed a new Battlefield title should be ready for Holiday 2018. DICE is running the two-year cycle right now, flitting between Battlefield and Battlefront. After the latter was a high-profile flop, DICE will be only too eager to set the record straight. Battlefield 1 was the first foray into historical warfare for a long time, although we suspect Battlefield 5 may be a return to more modern theatres of war, with rumours persisting that it may even be Battlefield: Bad Company 3.


Call of Duty 2018

This year it’s the turn of Treyarch to deliver the Call of Duty goods. COD: BLOPS 3 was a bit of a sidestep for the series but it nevertheless sold a heck of a lot better than Infinite Warfare and Advanced Warfare, so the likelihood is that Treyarch is working on Black Ops 4. Still, we’re hoping that Activision’s premiere Call of Duty studio has its ambitions set a little higher than that.