Apparently, Lord Chanka’s rich user-created backstory just wasn’t enough for some people. Ubisoft has spied an opportunity to add a little more spice into upcoming Rainbow Six Siege Operators, tapping into new opportunities to engage the community by injecting character into Operation White noise operators than the usual Special Forces Operator #308546 that we’re used to.

While plenty of folks don’t really need a reason why to go and kill five other players, beyond the gratification of the hunt, Ubisoft is keen to flesh out all future operators with defining backstories and unique looks to help them stand out. We saw a little of this come into play with the likes of Ela, and now this is ramping up with the three new Operators.

The obvious benefactor is Zofia, who is, in fact, Ela’s sister. Dokkaebi, meanwhile, takes her name from Korean mythology, after a goblin that is capable of possessing inanimate objects.  This lends itself to her hacker abilities which allow her to hack into the enemy’s phones and cameras. On first impressions, Vigil is just a guy in a badass mask, but his backstory seems to intimate he's a North Korean defector who made a river crossing with his family to South Korea.

As time goes on we’re gradually beginning to see Rainbow Six Siege head in more MOBA direction with its character design, while Ubisoft is also drawing obvious parallels with Overwatch. For those who don’t care, Operator backstories are easily ignored, but it’s neat to see Ubisoft flesh out what is normally a very bland universe with unique characters and relationships.

Operation White Noise is coming to Rainbow Six Siege on December 5th, or it’s available to preview on the test servers right now.