What appears to be an internal email from EA has leaked, showing off a bunch of slides from a presentation concerning A Way Out and the indie-like Fe. Assuming the leak is real, and it certainly looks real enough, for what it’s worth, then A Way Out may be literally that - a way out.

According to the leak, A Way Out is one of the most anticipated games of 2019, which is a far cry from the early 2018 we’d previously been told. We’re still mildly optimistic that this is just a typo in a quote pull from IGN though, particularly when considering the campaign roadmap that includes new co-op gameplay in February 2018 and a trailer in March.

Evidently, EA has high hopes for A Way Out, touting it as having one of the strongest reactions among the games EA showed during E3 2017. EA also sees the creator, Josef Fares (Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons), as a big selling point. “Josef as a personality is a plus, his passion is great, but we need to watch out for controversy.” I can’t really dig out anything controversial about Fares, aside from his comments earlier in the year that “PlayStation 4 is like a 5-year-old PC holding back game development". That seems pretty tame in the grand scheme of things. Despite these misgivings, EA wants to trot Josef out for a press tour, as well as “leverage relevant influencers to create Let’s Plays with Josef.”

On the sales front, EA has fairly reasonable expectations, targeting 894,000 lifetime sales. Around 200,000 of those are expected to come from its launch year though, so it’s evident EA expects to generate significant interest with discounts at a later date.

As for Fe, its prospects aren’t quite so hot. By EA’s own admission (at least if the leak is true), Fe’s reveal and re-reveal did not have the spark “to cut through the noise”. Press interest has been positive though, and EA’s looking at doubling down on those who’ve already given Fe coverage, providing them with a bunch of exclusives.

In addition to this, the campaign roadmap indicates a February 2018 launch for Fe, as well as an all-new trailer during a Nintendo Direct in January. Nintendo has confirmed and future Directs just yet, so this is the first we’ve heard of such a thing. Considering how slight the 2018 lineup is looking for the Nintendo Switch, a January Nintendo Direct makes a great a deal of sense once the holiday season’s out the way.

A potential delay is on the cards for A Way Out then, which would certainly be disappointing. This is very much in the rumour category for now though, and even if this email is real, there's every chance this is just a simple typo. Regardless, do you think this indie-esque pairing could be enough to get EA back on track? Or will they not live up to EA's sales expectations?