In case you missed it, Epic’s free-to-play Fortnite: Battle Royale now boasts bigger user numbers than PUBG, aided significantly by the lack of a price tag, of course. Still, that level of success isn’t to be sniffed out, particularly since Epic also recently added cosmetic microtransactions to Fortnite, as well as being the only Battle Royale title available on PS4.

As the player numbers swell, Epic continues to ring in the changes, publishing a state of development update this week, outlining the problems Fortnite: Battle Royale still faces and how they’re planning to tackle these issues. This includes team killing, matchmaking with friends, post-match stats, a reworked inventory and a new shooting model.

Friendly fire, in particular, strikes me as a feature that probably doesn’t even need to be in Battle Royale, it’s hardly gunning for realism. Despite this, Epic is looking at how best it can tackle reports of widespread team killing. “Last week we started casting a wider net to catch current and past team killers and issued numerous warnings and bans. We are also working on better analytical models to weed out the worst offenders and long term would love to have the ability to pair you with players with good reputation.”

The new shooting model will include the removal of random bullet spread while aiming down sights, with initial test results proving promising. Gunplay is probably the least impressive aspect of Fortnite so it’s good to see something going on in regards to this.

As for the inventory remap, there’s a major overhaul in the works that includes a new interface and quick methods to drop half of any loot to enable easiest sharing.

Post-match stats will finally provide feedback of your performance at the end of a round, taking into an array of stats such as eliminations, assists, revives, distance travelled and accuracy.

Much like PUBG, there’s currently only one map in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Epic is giving it a bit of a once-over in an effort to introduce more variety and fill in some of the empty areas. An eentirelynew city (pictured up top) is being added in the next update.

Looking a little further afield, future content updates are going to include new items and weapons (saying “We’re just beginning to scratch the surface of what we want to do here”), custom games, badges and medals for specific achievements, and improved console performance.

Plenty of change is afoot in F:BR then, and it seems to be working. Any lapsed PUBG players started giving Battle Royale a go? Will it have the same staying power as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds? Let us know your thoughts!

Source: Epic