For many, 2017 was a year of inconsistencies. It’s arguably played host to one of the finest line up of games in a year, ever, yet it’s also been host to some of its biggest controversies. This was the year of Nier Automata, microtransactions, Nintendo Switch, casualised racism, AMD Ryzen, and Mass Effect Andromeda.

For me, mine’s probably a little different from the norm. My expectations for Mass Effect Andromeda weren’t sky-high as I think the original games are only average-to-good in the first place, while I had my fill of Battlefront with the original back in 2015.

2017 was a year of few major disappointments in gaming, personally. I was a little disappointed in humanity for some bizarre pocket of civilisation angry that you kill Nazis in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, but for me, the winner has to be Call of Duty: WWII. I wasn’t quite prepared for just how turgidly boring it would be. I was always a fan of the earlier COD WW2-era games, and I’m not particularly interested in the modern warfare or near future offerings, so after the reveal trailer, my expectations were cautiously high that the campaign could deliver. Boy, was I wrong. The campaign has so little to redeem it; there’s no reason why you shouldn’t watch Band of Brothers again instead. If you value your time or your money, I’d advise you give it a wide berth.

So with all of this year’s greatness, what has stood out as the biggest gaming disappointment for you? Did any specific game not live up to your expectations, or is there a wider trend such as loot crates that let you down?