Star Wars Battlefront 2's microtransaction saga rumbles on in fine style today with DICE implementing the first round of changes since unceremoniously removing microtransactions from the game just hours ahead of launch.

“We have learned a lot, and are making adjustments to the game to ensure the best experience possible,” says DICE. “Today, an update went live that includes some adjustments to the economy and progression. While these are only some initial steps toward making much larger changes, some of these are ready to roll, and are available starting today.”

The changes to Star Wars Battlefront II’s microtransactions come in three forms. Firstly, the end-of-round payouts have been increased. You’ll now earn more Credits for every match you play, while those who sit near the top of the leaderboard will be rewarded with an even further bump in Credits.

Secondly, the daily Credits limit in Arcade Mode has been tripled. You can now earn 1500 Credits per day playing the single-player or co-op mode. Previously this was capped at 500 Credits, and when players hit this they were informed they would have to wait until the next day to earn more. From the sounds of it, this limit was in place because Arcade Mode is one of the easiest methods of earning Credits.

Lastly, Daily Login Crates will now offer players more crafting parts than they did previously. This should help players get up to speed and start crafting better Star Cards faster than they could before.

Again, and I know you’re probably tired of me saying this, this stems the flow but it doesn’t heal up the wound. The core of Star Wars Battlefront 2 progression system remains fundamentally the same, it’s just a little bit faster to run on that treadmill now. The later you come to Star Wars Battlefront 2 though, the more behind the curve you’re going to be.

Still, the onus on shifting Loot Crates does come with a few perks, namely the roll-out of additional content for Battlefront 2. This begins during the next week in celebration of the upcoming The Last Jedi movie. There’ll be new heroes (Finn & Captain Phasma), the salty planet of Crait for Galactic Assault mode, a Starfighter Assault map set on D’Qar, and the introduction of the RZ-2 A-Wing. For single-player fans, additional chapters will be coming to Battlefront II’s story mode on December 13th, concluding Iden Versio’s tale.

Are you pleased with the changes DICE is making behind the scenes to Star Wars Battlefront 2? Or are you more fundamental changes required to get you back on side? Let us know below!