Our relationship with web browsers is often one of convenience. Once we’ve settled on one, with all its associated saved passwords, bookmarks and browser extensions gathered over the years, it can seem a bit of an effort to switch. We’ve become accustomed to its oddities and best to use it. Yet it’s always worth keeping an eye on the competition though in case the current champion is usurped; all the big players are constantly innovating (and snooping) in ever more inventive ways.

Undoubtedly the biggest web browsers in the world are Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari. I suspect the popularity of some of these is down to incomprehension, more than anything, particularly when they’re bundled with operating systems. Each offers unique benefits though, whether that be speed, security, customisation options, or a wealth of browser plugins.

When we last asked this question some four years ago, and Chrome was the standout winner. A lot’s changed since then though, and Firefox has undergone some major changes in the intervening years that could shake up the results. Not least, it’s now lightning fast and less memory intensive when opening up dozens of tabs.

In the ever-changing landscape of web browsers, which now sits supreme? Have you been using the same internet browser for years, or are you willing to change when a better alternative comes along? Let us know!

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