There’s been radio silence on Metro Exodus since the game’s reveal at E3 this year. Metro developer 4A Games is planning to break cover once again this week though with a brand new trailer set to debut tomorrow during The Game Awards.

Awards host Geoff Keighley revealed the news via Twitter, saying “Thursday night, don't miss a brand new look at Metro Exodus during #TheGameAwards @MetroVideoGame.” Look, we're in a bit of a dry period for news. Teases for trailers now actually become interesting.

Considering how little we’ve seen or heard about Metro Exodus since the reveal, we’d kind of assumed the game was going to be a long way off. If 4A’s ready for another showcase though, perhaps it really will be ready to emerge into a pre-apocalyptic 2018.

Metro Exodus continues directly on from Metro: Last Light. Playing once again as Artyom, he’s fleeing the Metro system and heading East across a vast, post-apocalyptic Russia using a heavily modified steam train for the journey. It looks like it’s going to be a break away from Metro’s usually cramped confines, featuring large, non-linear levels and sandbox survival systems.

We’ll bring you the new Metro Exodus trailer as soon as it pops up on Thursday / Friday.