UPDATE - Dec-07-17:15 - We've been busy trying to guess just what THQ Nordic has been teasing ahead of its Game Awards reveal later this evening, yet one of its official sites has provided us with a big clue that it is, in fact, a new Jagged Alliance game.

The official Jagged Alliance website has been taken down and replaced with the message 'Coming Soon...', indicating an official announcement is imminent. Considering the hashtag they're using for the tease, we expect the game to be Jagged Alliance: Endless Winter.

The Jagged Alliance games are a series of turn-based tactical strategy titles blended with RTS in which you control a band of mercenaries. We bring you any updates on the title as soon as we hear anything.

Original Story - Dec-07-11:28 THQ Nordic Teases Game Reveal Tonight at Game Awards With EndlessWinter Hashtag

THQ Nordic has dropped a tease for a brand new game reveal during The Game Awards this evening. The tease is accompanied by the hashtag #endlesswinter, prompting speculation as to what the heck it could even be.

Aside from the hashtag, all we’ve got is the blurriest of blurred images from which to try and decipher some form of clue. If you could lend a helping hand identifying anything about it, anything at all, that would be great.

At this point, THQ Nordic has become a masterclass in hoovering up fondly remembered yet practically defunct IP. The franchises they own the rights to include Red Faction, Darksiders, SpellForce, Aquanox, Delta Force, Painkiller, Destroy All Humans, Titan Quest, Comanche, Summoner, F-22, Jagged Alliance and heaps more.

I’ve been scouring my brain (and Wikipedia) for franchises that THQ Nordic now owns, but none of their logos seems to match up with the blurry teaser image. That’s if it’s even a logo, of course, I’m sorting of making out the vague outline of a velociraptor or a giant turkey, but that’s probably just wishful thinking. Delving into the site code a little, the black box in the centre is the logo, while the red and greenish blob to its right is a separate image.

If I were a betting man I’d hazard a guess that a new Red Faction makes a great deal of sense; Red Faction: Endless Winter perhaps. I’m secretly hoping for the glorious return of Delta Force though, which brings me back to my youth of voxels and a 56K dial-up connection.

What do you think THQ Nordic is planning to reveal? Can you decipher anything from the logos? Let us know!