Returning Destiny players probably won’t be all that surprised by this, but the new Curse of the Osiris expansion for Destiny 2 locks players who only own the base game out of playing pre-existing content from Destiny 2 that was originally playable.

Now, the reasons why this is the case takes a little bit of explaining. Destiny 2: Curse of the Osiris came out yesterday priced at $20 and includes the new Mercury environment to explore, additional story missions and raid lairs. It also raises the level cap to 25 (from 20) and the gear-based power level soft cap up from 305 to 330. If you don’t buy Curse of the Osiris you obviously don’t get access to any of this, including the raised level and power caps.

The problem stems from Destiny 2’s end-game content. Up until the Curse of Osiris launch, the hardest content available to play was the Prestige Raid, Nightfalls and Trials of the Nine. This is where all the best gear drops can be found along with the weekly rotating Nightfall challenges that include unique modifiers. As of yesterday, all three of these modes have now been locked out from the base game and moved to a Curse of Osiris playlist. This is so Bungie can tailor the content towards power level 330 players rather than power level 300. Where this excuse really falls apart is that this week's Nightfall is tailored towards power level 270 players and up, meaning there's no decent reason why players of the original game shouldn't be able to tackle it.

This isn’t new ground for the Destiny franchise. The original game locked players out from various game modes if they didn’t keep up-to-date with the DLC releases. You would think that Bungie would use the intervening three years to learn from its mistakes though, which doesn’t appear to be the case.

As it currently stands, Destiny 2 players aren’t happy. By all accounts, Curse of Osiris is extremely light on content. The story missions and associated side quests take about two hours to complete, while the only other new additions are the raid lairs based on the current existing Leviathan raid, and the randomised Infinite Forest area. You now either drop the 20 bucks on the expansion or you’re effectively forced to throw the towel in. Console players have even been successfully getting refunds for digital purchases of Destiny 2, citing the game now being incompletable and trophies/achievements being locked behind additional DLC as the reason.

It’s going to be intriguing to see how this one pans out. The general sentiment around Destiny 2 has been souring considerably since its positive launch and Bungie seems, ahem, destined to repeat many of the same mistakes it made with the original. Not only is pre-existing content being locked behind these expansions, but the expansions themselves are, as many feared, content-light once again.

Destiny 2 players, what are your thoughts? PC players, how do you feel about pre-existing content now being locked behind DLC just six weeks after Destiny 2 even launched on PC? Let us know!