Update: Dec-11-2017 - Last week's Metro Exodus trailer may have held a secret that many have overlooked, at least until one sharp-eyed Reddit user spotted it. As it turns out, 4A Games may be planning to launch Metro Exodus a little earlier than the Autumn 2018 they officially announced...

At the end of the trailer, a rotating panel of letters flips around, eventually spelling out the word Exodus. Keep an eye on it next time you watch the trailer below though, as at one point the panels spell out "AUG8TH". Just coincidence? Finding meaning where this is none? Or is August 8th the date 4A Games is actually targeting for Metro Exodus's launch?

Original Story: Dec-08-2017 -All Hope is Lost in New Metro Exodus Trailer - Autumn 2018 Release Date Confirmed 

As expected, 4A Games debuted an all-new trailer for Metro Exodus overnight, providing us with our first glimpse at an urban environment as Artyom pokes around in search of vital supplies and any survivors. His mate doesn’t seem so sure he’s going to find any stragglers during his steam locomotive odyssey East across post-apocalyptic Russia though, with the country overrun by mutants and shrouded in deadly radioactivity.

We’ve been itching for a new game that can actually push our graphics cards to their limit, and 4A Games somehow still seem the most capable of delivering. Considering they’ve built the 4A Engine from scratch that’s no mean feat.

The release date for Metro Exodus is also beginning to firm up a little, shifting from 2018 to a more specific Q3 2018 launch on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.