We’ve all been there. Being on the receiving end of yet another impossibly lucky headshot. Letting in a goal during the last kick of the game. Or getting to the DOTA 2 home screen. Now, more than ever, we’ve got intense competition between us and our fellow humans at our fingertips. Where once a football match or race took organisation, now we can engage in Overwatch, Siege, PUBG or FIFA 18 with a few clicks of a button.

It puts us as people in a unique position that throughout history we’ve never had to cope with. At any time of the day, we can enter and win a contest, resulting in a flood of testosterone and dopamine into our brains. The victories feel great, and once we’ve had one, we always want more. Sadly, we don’t usually keep winning. Eventually, we lose. Coming from a winning streak to a losing streak, we’ve emptied the tanks of dopamine and we’ve usually got an excess of testosterone. Sure enough, we reach boiling point - the rage quit. It comes in many forms; the instant shut-down; a torrent of abuse; deleting the game; even hurling a controller in a fit of rage.

Some people, naturally, take it a bit too far. They’re so consumed by an internal rage that I can only presume there are other factors in their lives at play. You know the ones, they who end up physically putting their fist through a monitor, or hurling an entire PC out of a window. Just don’t let them near the kitchen knives when you’re having an argument with them.

Rage quitting has quickly reached the point where developers have had to take preventative measures in order to try and stop it happening. In Rainbow Six Siege you get a temporary ban plus a reduction in Renown earned, while in Rocket League it’s a similar temporary ban. It’s all designed to stop players leaving a match early in a fit of rage, doing the right thing and seeing it out to the end. There’s also that needling idea that rage quitting is the ultimate form of satisfaction for your opponent. You just know that no matter how much release you get from rage quitting, your opponent has just had a far better time making it happen. There’s a certain element of dignity to hanging around until the end, but it can be easier said than done.

So, it’s time to clear the air, to admit our dirty dealings. Come clean on our worst rage quits. I’ll get the ball rolling, but I’m (not) sad to say the instances are few and far between. My worst offender is undoubtedly Rocket League. A rage quit usually brings my Rocket League session to a close. It’s not usually opponents that draw it out of me though, but teammates who take things far too seriously. Drop too many sarcastic Nice Save!’s and I’m likely to prod in a few own goals before closing it down. Bitter, I know, but it’s my only method of recourse if someone's being an absolute tosser. Aside from this I do just outright turn off FIFA 18 and walk away if I get on the receiving end of a thrashing. Fortunately, I’ve yet to actually damage anything physical during a rage quit, I manage to compartmentalise it and move on.

Over to you now then, what’s been your worst rage quit? And which games do you think are the most rage-inducing? Let us know!