The games that run terribly tend to make for the best headlines, but there areĀ studios out there doing fantastic work on games and their game's performance. That could be making a stunning game that only needs low-end hardware, or ironing out each and every performance-breaking bug before launch. Finding out whether game is well-optimized is easy - head to its game page here on GD and you'll see itsĀ GD Optimization Score, as voted for by you. All of you have been letting us know throughout the last 12 months whether you think the biggest AAA games are well optimized, or pulling no punches and letting us know if they run like garbage. So here are the 10 most well-optimized PC games of 2017.

Rank Game Optimization Score
1 Life is Strange: Before the Storm 10.0
2 Sonic Mania 10.0
3 Rising Storm 2: Vietnam 9.4
4 Vanquish 9.4
5 The Surge 9.4
6 Outlast 2 9.3
7 Absolver 9.2
8 Bayonetta 9.1
9 Quake Champions 9.0
10 Resident Evil 7 8.9

Quite an odd list this year, but a strong indicator that the AAA studios with the biggest games aren't the ones pumping out the titles with the best optimization. It's the smaller AA and B-tier projects that are being designed to run as best as possible, which is why we see titles like Absolver, The Surge and Life is Strange: Before the Storm crop up. Resident Evil 7 is probably the only real outlier to this, but there's little doubt it runs fantastically for what it is.

There are is an argument that plenty of these games run great because they aren't, graphically at least, the most demanding experiences out there. Working within their means is a real talent for the small to mid-size studios though, so it's great to have a list of games like this that will run on a wide range of lower-end gaming PCs.

The only really odd one out here is Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. I played the free weekend a few months back and it's horrendously buggy and unstable. The frame rates are okay, sure, but that's just one small factor in a game which isn't exactly a shining example of optimization done right.

What do you think of this list? Are these some of the best-optimized games of 2017, or do you think others were worthy of a spot?

The 10 Worst Optimized PC Games Of 2017

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