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Bungie certainly ruffled a few tender Warlock’s feathers when it made pre-existing content from Destiny 2’s base game unplayable to those who didn’t pick up the new Curse of Osiris expansion. After going radio silent for a while, the Destiny dev team has broken cover and explained both this move and how it plans to appease fans.

“With Curse of Osiris now live it’s clear that we’ve made some mistakes with how we have handled content access,” says Bungie. “We would like to talk through the reasoning behind our decisions so far and what we are committed to changing moving forward.”

As of Curse of Osiris, Destiny 2 players who didn’t purchase the DLC were locked out of the Prestige Raid, Prestige Nightfalls and Trials of the Nine, all of which were previously playable. This is the highest tier of content available of Destiny 2, where both the greatest challenges and the best gear drops can be found. Naturally, people who’d just forked out $60 for Destiny 2, only to have content ripped away from them, weren’t happy.

Bungie’s reasoning behind this is that it wanted to learn from Destiny 1 and ensure that the best end-game content was still relevant long after launch. Previously, players were out-levelling/out-gearing the Raids and making them inconsequential. With Destiny 2, Bungie has instead scaled these challenges upwards with the players.

“We’ve heard from the community that both of these plans aren’t working,” Bungie admits. “The Prestige Raid was a novel experience that players value, even if they don’t own Curse of Osiris, and it was a mistake to move that experience out of reach. Throughout the lifetime of the Destiny Franchise, Trials has always required that players owned the latest Expansion. However, for Destiny 2, Trials of The Nine launched as part of the main game, so it’s not right for us to remove access to it.”

In short, the Prestige Leviathan Raid will now be brought back down to power level 3000, where it was previously. Loot rewards have lowered appropriately. This now means ‘The Prestige’ achievement/trophy is obtainable for all players. The Trials of the Nine PvP mode will now only require Curse of Osiris whenever it’s a Curse of Osiris map in the rotation. Normal Nightfalls follow the same pattern - anyone can play unless it’s a Curse of Osiris Strike in the Nightfall that week. Prestige Nightfalls meanwhile will continue to be locked behind Curse of Osiris. These are the hardest challenges on offer in Destiny 2 and will be specced towards 330 Power players. Lastly, time-limited events such as Iron Banner, FactionRally and The dawning will now be available to all.

The message has taken a while to get here but it certainly comes from the right place. You can’t please everyone, although these changes do converge on a nice middle ground. Base game players will now only be locked out of some content for a week at a time while the Prestige Leviathan Raid will be there forever.

Pleased with Bungie's reaction? Or is it too little, too late?