Weapons at the ready, it's time for a stand-off between two shooter champions in Day 3 of 12 Games for Christmas. Sales sensation PUBG has come out of nowhere to become the biggest PC game this year. If you haven't got it yet, it needs to be under your Christmas tree. The other is Destiny 2, an absolute force in co-op PvP action. Which would you rather receive as a gift, PUBG or Destiny 2?

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Day 3 - 12 Games Of Christmas 2017 - PUBG v Destiny 2
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12 Games of Christmas 2017 - RESULTS

To add a little pep to proceedings, there is a GeForce GTX 1070 Ti or $400 Steam Credit up for grabs for anyone who gets involved in the voting. Simply use the tool below to enter the GTX 1070 Ti giveaway, and follow the link for the full competition rules.

Win a GeForce GTX 1070 Ti or $400 Steam Credit

Round 1: Fight 3 - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds v Destiny

This time last year, the vast majority of gamers had never even heard of PUBG, let alone bought it. Now you can't move for chatter about Brendan 'PlayerUnknown' Greene's battle royale game. Like anything that becomes obscenely popular, it's become trendy to hate on it/ That should be a measure of its success, more than anything, and PUBG is undeniably a fun time. This Christmas could hardly be a better time to celebrate a winner winner turkey dinner, and the gift of PUBG is fun for all the (over 18) family.

Destiny 2 meanwhile is the co-op players dream come true. If you're planning to have a family get together of gamers, you can do little wrong than having a blast through Destiny 2 as a fireteam. A word of warning though - if anything is going to spoil Christmas it's attempting the Leviathan Raid after a strong batch of Sherry. 

Vote for your pick below, and remember to get involved in the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti giveaway above. 

12 Games of Christmas 2017 - Rules and How the Community Voting Works

Get voting below for your winner, and remember to check back tomorrow for Day Four of the 12 Games of Christmas, where two more titles will battle it out to earn a place in the next round. The winner of today's competition will face the winner of tomorrow's competition in the second semi-final on the 20th December!

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"Hmm. $30 unfinished game that gets new stuff added somewhat often, or $60 game that takes content away from you after you pay. Tough choice."
Qnomei -
"I think Destiny is a far funnier game and better choice overall. But I would not stray from either game ;)"
RZR747 -
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