Plot twist: Metal Gear Survive is actually a secret numbers game all along. Konami’s revealed the first look at the single-player campaign in an extensive new gameplay trailer, and it’s all hit points, gear, stats, loot and base building; the player frantically foraging the environment for vital supplies while fending off the zombie threat.

Apart from the visuals, which look a bit trashy now, it kinda looks quite fun? The enemies are spectacularly uninspired but there appears to be heaps of customisation and base building that goes well beyond what was possible in MGSV’s Mother Base.

As well as this, Konami has confirmed we’ll be able to get our mitts on a Metal Gear Survive beta next month. Unfortunately, it’s console only for whatever reason, playable on PS4 and Xbox One from January 18th through to January 21st. The beta will have online co-op with up to three friends and beta players will get some assorted cosmetic bonuses that transfer to the full game.

I don’t know PC is so often skipped over for beta tests but it’s a frustratingly frequent occurrence. Instead, we’ll have to wait until Metal Gear Survive’s launch on February 20th, 2018, to see what the fuss is all about.

Has your perception of Metal Gear Survive changed since its reveal? Or do you believe it's still doomed to be terrible?