The patch notes for Rainbow Six Siege’s 4.1 update are some of the slimmest yet for the online shooter, but it contains one of the most fundamental changes - official support for 60Hz tickrate servers.

Ubisoft has been working on getting the Rainbow 6: Siege tickrate up to 60Hz for the last two years, and after a brief stint on the test server it’s now being deployed worldwide across all platforms.

A higher tickrate allows servers to send and receive more information each and every second. With a 60Hz tickrate, the player and the server are communicating with one another 60 times per second, assuming the player’s connection is fast enough. This improves hit detection and latency, ensuring the result of a firefight is fairer than before.

Ubisoft will be implementing 60Hz tickrate and update 4.1 in a staggered release schedule today, beginning with PC from 6-7am PT/ 9-10am EST / 2-3pm GMT, an hour later on PS4 (7-8am PT) and then on Xbox One the subsequent hour (8-9am PT).

Rainbow Six Siege 4.1 Patch Notes

  • Fixed – Players lose all functionality/control after picking up a deployable shield.
  • Fixed – Ash’s breaching round does not break the wall in 2F Meeting Room on Tower.
  • Fixed – When a dead Operator is spectating a teammate while on their drone/camera, cycling through Support view modes (drone/camera and Operator views) a third option is available. This view is the First Person point of view of the operator, but the operator is invisible. If the living Operator leaves their camera/drone, the spectating Operator will see a floating gun.
  • Fixed – Dokkaebi’s gadget is not usable while rappelling.
  • Fixed – Zofia and Ela’s stats are inverted.