Planet Coaster really is the game that keeps on giving. For years we waited for a worthy successor to RollerCoaster Tycoon, and boy did Frontier manage it. The latest addition to this packed package is the Planet Coaster Adventure Pack, featuring a smorgasbord of adventure-themed goodness for those who want to add a spot of Indiana Jones flair to their theme parks. Everyone knows the adventure-themed areas are basically the best bits of any real-life theme park and, barring mods, there hasn’t really been an effective way to build your own in Planet Coaster yet.

Lush jungles seem to be the order of the day here, including new static and animated wall attachments, special effects, shop and path extras, doors, fences, animated scenery and triggered coaster doors and signs. The grand total is more than 300 scenery items. The jungle is indeed now massive. With all these bits and bobs, players should be able to put together complex attractions such as lost temples, pyramids, and explorable tombs. You can even lay traps to scare your unsuspecting guests or fill up a pond with killer crocodiles and hippos.

To top it all off, the Adventure Pack also includes a new entertainer crew member, the adventurer Renee Feu, as well as three new rides - Gold Fever coast, Island Adventure, and Land Ahoy.


“In addition to the paid content, we are releasing a small free update to all players which includes some quality of life improvements for core players such as UI improvements and vista points, where your guests can gather for the loveliest photo opportunities!” says Frontier.

Planet Coaster’s Adventure Pack DLC is out today, priced at £7.99.